Hey poker players,


The Bend Poker Room reopens on Wednesday, July 1st - we start playing poker in one week!  Here’s the info you need to know.


There are no reopening guidelines for poker rooms.  The guidelines that fit us best are those for bars and taverns.  Generally speaking, the bar guidelines call for spacing among customers and being open limited days and hours.  And, while it isn’t part of the guidelines for bars, the number one thing each person can do to keep everyone healthy is wear a mask.  So here’s the plan:


Bend Poker Room Reopen

Open limited days and hours.

Six players to a table, tables have more spacing.

Masks required for everyone.

Dealer button will be a bottle of hand sanitizer. 


In addition

Room will be limited to 48 players

We will have masks for sale at the front desk.

We will have gloves available for those who want to wear them. 

We will strictly adhere to the Phase 2 guideline of closing at 10pm.  Cash game players - if you want to play a longer session, get in here at 4pm!


Keep in mind that none of these things will prevent any of us from contacting the corona virus.  However, they will greatly reduce the probability that we will catch it, particularly if everyone is wearing a mask.  If you are a person with a high risk of corona virus complications, please don’t come to the poker room.  Your risk of catching it would be very low but, as every poker player knows, one outers do happen.

Bend Poker Room     

100 NE Bend River Mall Ave.

call or text 541-508-9123