Are you new to poker?  Welcome to the greatest hobby in the world (well, it's definitely in the running). There are many ways to get started - here's one recommendation:

1) Watch the videos below

2) Optional: play some poker with family, friends, or an online/mobile app.

3) Attend our Poker Rookie Class (dates to come). Call 541-508-9123 for more information

4) Play The $5 Tournament we have every Saturday at 1:00pm.

      $5 to enter and a $5 door fee.

      $5 rebuys (optional: if you lose all your chips you can re-enter)

      $5 add-on (optional: end of the 1st hour, you can add more chips to your stack)

5) Just play these tournaments or, when you want, move on to bigger ones!

6) Have fun, meet new people, hear crazy stories, tell crazy stories, ocassionally win the cash!

Here's a basic video for how to play No Limit Texas Hold'em -

the most popular of the many different poker games.

This video covers the basics for choosing your starting hands in - the first step in No Limit Texas Hold'em strategy.